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June 26, 2009, 11:30 pm
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By far the greatest golf training tool available today is the Medicus Dual Hinged Clubs. If you really want to get a pro swing this is a must. Medicus will teach you quickly how to swing in the ‘plane’ and tempo.

These other training aids help in your overall golf game performance:

The Simple Golf Swing gives a good understanding of the physics of golf.

How to Break 80 offers good advice on lowering your handicap.  This has been featured on golfdigest and golf magazine.

The Club Face is an excellent forgotten aspect of golf.  Learning to square your club at impact and hitting the ‘sweet spot’ is fundamental to your game.

Hitting Irons is another aspect of golf that requires extra attention.  The little differences make for a confident game.

Short Game might be the most important part of your overall game.  70% of shots are within 100 yards.

Putting is by far the least practiced aspect of most games.  A high handicap can cut many strokes from their game with this advice.

Phew!  That’s a lot of things to think about.  But that’s golf.  Some days I have so much going on in my head that I play badly.  My best days are when I clear my swing thoughts except for 2 or 3 basics and just let it go.

Another very important factor to your overall game is fitness.  Tiger wouldn’t be nearly the player he is if not for his fitness regimen.  Finishing strong can be the difference from breaking that magic number 100, 90,80, even 70!

Golf Fitness will get you ready to outplay anyone on the course.  Finish strong and injury free.

Junior Fitness is another concern of mine.  I have 2 boys and we play constantly.  Keeping them in shape and injury free is another concern.  Plus, it teaches them discipline.

Now that we have a good swing and a fit body (  We can tackle the other major aspect of golf…the mental game.  Anybody who plays golf knows that for some reason it’s difficult to put together back-to-back good rounds or you drive well but can’t put well in any given round.  The short games on but your drives are in the trees all day.  The Mental Game will help you focus your skills and perform to your abilities.

The greatest training aid I’ve found was not meant for golf.  But, rather, guitar!  Yes, you heard me right.  The reason it is such a wonderful tool is because it takes video and allows you to break it down anyway you want.  Slow Motion is a perfect tool to analyze your swing and perfect it.

I will wrap this section up for now.  Take a look at the info I’ve offered and consider improving your game today!

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freelance article writer